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 Free & Clear in English

It's time to leave
your insecurities behind and become the English speaker you always wanted to be.


Stop wasting time.

Talk to me & let's get started

Start your journey TODAY!

Over the past few years I've helped hundreds of Managers, CEO's, public speakers, professors and other professionals to reach their goals in English. From clarity, fluency and better accents to overcoming  challenges such as leading big job interviews, taking on global positions or starting projects that require full control over their speech.

Don't you want someone who listens to your wants & needs? A private coach who understands your challanges in English and can help you achieve your biggest dreams?


I conduct group sessions 
 teach one on one's with a personal approach

What you'll be able to do and feel after 10 session:

  • Speak with confidence & more fluency​

  • Have a bigger vocabulary 

  • Command your grammar

  • Acquire a better accent

  • Be able to control the situation if you feel stuck

  • Feel calm & proud when you speak English 
    and much more...

Clients &


Yohai Sabag, former VP DATA at Optimove

"Studying with Sasha had a profound impact on my professional life. I've become much more confident and efficient in preparing for presentations, classes and talks in English."

These are just some of the companies I've worked with

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